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What can I expect during my consultation?


Your consultation will be private and last up to 60 minutes. We will talk about your desired look, your hair loss situation, get measurements and discuss the cap features that will suit you. We will pick the perfect color using hair swatches. You can buy inventory on site or order the perfect hair addition for you, which will arrive in about a week. Custom-made wigs and hairpieces are also an option. When you pickup your order, we will customize it and learn application and care.  I always remain available to my customers as a resource for any questions.

Topper Info and FAQ

Toppers have become increasingly popular and are in high demand.  They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and fibers.  Customers with alopecia areata, female pattern baldness or other medical hair loss love the hairpiece alternative. Add volume, length, cover thinning hair on top or just change your look. Prices range based on the size of the base and the length, but human hair toppers generally range from $600 - $950. See my Hairpiece Transformations gallery of "Before and Afters" of my hairpiece clients!  Below is a list of questions I am frequently asked:


Q.  What is a “topper”?  


  1. A topper is a hairpiece that covers part of the head.  They have monofilament mesh or silk with remy hair hand knotted onto it, and are held on with pressure-sensitive silicone lined clips.  They have become very popular in Hollywood and throughout the US recently as fashion accessories.  They can be used to add height, volume, highlights and provide coverage of thin areas or gray regrowth.


Q.  How are toppers different from wigs?


  1. A wig covers the entire head and is typically best for someone who has little or no hair or who wants to make a dramatic change in their hair length or color. Toppers cover part of the head and are made to blend in with the hair that you have and make it look better.  Toppers are lighter weight and tend to be a bit cooler to wear than a full wig.  They add a realistic amount of hair so they are very believable.  Done well, a topper looks like you - but on your best hair day ever!


Q.  Am I a good candidate for a topper?


  1. Lots of women can wear toppers, even if your hair is thinning on top. You just have to have enough hair to clip onto, or get a large topper that clips lower down onto your sides.  You do need to have hair on the sides and back to effectively wear a topper.


Q.  Will a topper damage my hair?


  1. A topper is sitting on your head and the clips keep it from moving around, there is no weight pulling your hair down.  You should not have it clipped so tightly that it is pulling or uncomfortable.  If you put it on and leave it alone, it should not damage your hair.  If you sleep in it or style it while it’s on your head (instead of on a styrohead) you could damage your hair.  


Q.  How often do I wash my topper?


  1. Toppers don’t really get dirty the way your own hair does as they do not have an oil source.  That means you only have to wash them every 30 or 40 wearings.  The ends and mid-shaft need argan oil added sometimes as often as every week, to keep the hair from drying out and getting brittle.


Q.  Should I get human hair or synthetic?

  1. There are advantages and disadvantages to both but generally for toppers I recommend human hair because toppers need to blend in with your bio hair and it can be tricky to blend synthetic and human hair together as they have different properties.  Synthetic toppers don’t last as long as human so even if they are less expensive from the beginning, you will be replacing more frequently.  Human hair can be colored to match your own, can be heat styled for variety and feels softer to the touch. If price prohibits, synthetic is an alternative and works great for short styles.


Q. How do I know what size topper to get?


  1. We will determine that during our private one on one consultation. I have many different sizes and shapes to try on to help decide what feels most comfortable and provides the coverage and/or desired look.


Q.  Can’t I just buy a topper online?


  1. Sure, you can.  But keep in mind that color matching is critical, and is really hard to do without actual hair color swatches.  Toppers need a lot of customizing from an experienced hairdresser to look good.  They need texturized, cut, shaped, styled and often colored to blend in with your own hair.  It is very different than buying a wig.

Q.  What is a monotop vs. a silk top?


  1. A monofilament is a fine mesh that has hair tied directly to it.  It looks like a scalp but is semi-transparent.  A silk top has an extra layer of opaque fabric which the hair has been pulled through, which hides the “knots” and makes a more noticeable “scalp” area.  



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